Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tentative Working Plan ELCOM

Proposed by TSG Leader- Mr. Renganaathan.

What ever time feasible for them to apply.

What ever time feasible for them to apply.

Make sure they are not adopting class x.

Any class from 7-9.

Only one section.

Devote at least half an hour per day.

Morning,noon,during class,evening.

Minimum four hours per week.
At least 100 hours in the year.
First make sure their baseline status in English fundamentals.
40 students in a section may be less is our target population.
For them we are working for four hours per week.
Systematic well planned.
Use your smart phone alone,no extra teaching aid.
Get the supporting materials and familiarise and follow.
 100 hours keep record
 Start working first on communication and gradually on fundamentals
That's the plan

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  1. nice initiative. our preparations can be uploaded here.

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