Monday, October 12, 2015

Idioms - Miss. Vinuja Vellore

1. Think on ur feet - adusting quickly to changes and making fast decisions.
Ex. A good salesman must be able to think on his feet to close the deal.

2. Waiting in the wings - waiting for an opportunity to take action mostly to replace someone else in their job.
Ex. A senior manager is going to retire in next two months. Two of his juniors who are waiting in the wings will have a fierce competition.
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Find out the answers to the following questions. You can type out your answers and post here. The key will be posted at 1 p.m. today.
Group members requested not to refer any reference books to arrive at the answers. This is to assess the strength of our present vocabulary. Also, group members are requested to type out their answers in a single WhatsApp window: Thank you. And, Good luck!

11. A person who is free from national prejudices and feels at home in any country of the


[a]        orthodox                  

[b]        conservative

[c]        crusader                    

[d]       cosmopolitan

12. Speech delivered without previous thought or preparation
[a]        oration                      

[b]        jargon

[c]        extempore                

[d]       harangue

13. Irrelevant talk about God and sacred things
[a]        sacrilege                  

[b]        blasphemy

[c]        profanity                  

[d]       oblation

14. Group of lions
[a]        shoal                        

[b]        pride

[c]        flock                        

[d]       pack

15. An exceptionally brilliant or successful young person
[a]        genius                      

[b]        maestro

[c]        intellect                    

[d]       whiz-kid

16. Ruler who has absolute authority to run the government
[a]        monarch                  

[b]        dictator

[c]        Thereat                    

[d]       bureaucrat

17. Agreement during a war or battle to stop fighting for a time

[a]        alliance                    

[b]        treaty

[c]        treaty                        

[d]       armistice

18. A person who eats human flesh

[a]        cannibal                    

[b]        obese

[c]        dossier                      

[d]       laggard

19. An illusion or hope that cannot be realized

[a]        mirage                      

[b]        fantasy

[c]        misconception          

[d]       perception

20. Something outdated or no longer in use or fashion

[a]        absolute                    

[b]        obsolete

[c]        retarded                    

[d]       regale

21. Complete failure to reach an agreement to settle a quarrel or grievance

[a]        mishap                      

[b]        wreck

[c]        omission                  

[d]       deadlock

22. Person who eats too much

[a]       famished                  

[b]        glutton

[c]        hungry                      

[d]       starved 

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